Transmission Repair

Your car’s transmission is responsible for making sure the right amount of power goes to your wheels to drive at a given speed. Similar to gears on a bicycle, an automatic transmission will shift you to a higher gear when you accelerate and will shift to a lower gear when you slow down. A transmission has its own designated fluid that makes sure all the gears are spinning smoothly. It is important to get this fluid checked regularly to ensure your transmission is functioning properly.


How does a transmission work?

The transmission controls the torque available to the drive wheels for different driving conditions. The power generated by your vehicle’s engine first flows through the transmission before it reaches your wheels. This is why you might change gears when you are driving uphill; you will need more torque in order for your vehicle to go up the hill efficiently. 


While both automatic and manual vehicles have a transmission, we will focusing on manual transmissions here. Manual transmissions comprise of an input and output shaft, that are connected by a counter shaft. A three-speed mechanism will have three gears; two of these gears will be active at any given time depending on the gear your vehicle is in. This system gets more complex with the more gear options your vehicle has.


How do I know if my vehicle needs a transmission repair?

We at Auto Tech Service Center in Conyers recommend changing your vehicle’s transmission fluid every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Some signs that something is wrong with your transmission include:

  • Your vehicle makes whining or clunking noises.

These noises usually mean your transmission fluid is breaking down or there is a problem on the inside of your transmission.

  • Your “Check Engine” light is on.

While this could have multiple explanations, turning your “Check Engine” is your vehicle’s computer’s way of telling you there is a problem, which could be with your transmission.

  • There is a grinding or shaking sensation in gear.

If your car grinds or shakes when you change gear, there is an issue with your transmission. This problem usually gets worse as time goes on, so it is best to bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop as soon as you notice any grinding or shaking.

  • You notice a burning smell coming from your vehicle.

This burning smell that likely your transmission fluid overheating, which can happen when there is not enough transmission fluid in your vehicle (which could indicate a leak) or the wrong type of transmission fluid is in your vehicle. 

  • Your vehicle won’t engage when in gear.

If there is a delay in your car responding when you change gears, your transmission fluid could be breaking down or there might be a problem with your vehicle’s computer system. However, if neither of these things are the problem, there is an issue with your transmission.


Your transmission is integral to a safe driving experience, so when the time comes to get it repaired, you can bring your vehicle to Auto Tech Service Center. Serving residents of Conyers, Porterdale, and beyond, our number one goal is to provide high-quality customer service and repair services to every customer, every day. 


Your Trusted Shop for Transmission Repair

If you are having an issue with your transmission, Auto Tech Service Center in Conyers is your place to go. Our team of highly-trained technicians have decades of experience and are experts in all things auto repair. Here are some reasons you can trust us:

  • We provide a system for fair settlement of customer complaints, should they occur.
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  • We perform high-quality diagnostic and repair services at a fair price, using quality NAPA parts.
  • We exercise reasonable care for the customer’s property while it is in the shop’s possession.


If you are in Conyers or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Auto Tech Service Center, either online or via phone at 770-922-1480. 

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